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The Modern Approach to Couture

In 1858 an Englishman called Charles Frederick Worth established the very first Haute Couture house in Paris. Very quickly, it became popular and was admired by the powerful women of its time. In 2015, G. Hasanova followed the routes of couture back to London, England with the intention of turning each customer’s fashion fantasy into perfectly fit, handmade clothing piece by providing exclusive couture service.

The founder and creative director of the brand Gunel Hasanova was born in Baku, Azerbaijan. After finishing her studies at the Academy of Art in Baku she moved to Cambridge to continue her higher education. She graduated from Cambridge school of Visual & Performing Arts with a BA degree in Fashion Design and moved to London to proceed with further education – graduating from University of Westminster with an MA Business Management degree.

With a strong passion towards fine art and craftsmanship Gunel decided to launch her brand endorsing modern approach to haute couture combining quality with the most competitive bespoke fashion prices in the market.



Brand’s design ethos is based on combining the idea of resilient, powerful silhouette with delicate aesthetic of handcrafted details.

Through the appreciation of creative effort and craftsmanship involved in the making of each garment, G. Hasanova not only aims at providing individually made premium clothing but also supports the concept of timeless style and quality against “fast” fashion.

As a realistic approach to the matter, our brand obtains the most competitive price points in the made-to-order fashion market in London.

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